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Soccer is the most popular sport globally, but generally not an interest of most Taiwanese students. My friends and I at Taipei American School aim to spread soccer culture to the Taiwanese soccer community, and encourage more students to watch, and play the sport. The Alliance FC club was founded to help us realize these goals.

Many Taiwanese kids dream of becoming professional soccer players. However, parents often discourage kids from playing soccer because it requires extra expenses. We aim to draw upon the resources we have from the TAS community to give these kids the chance to chase their dreams, and improve the overall quality of soccer in Taiwan.

Donation Boxes

Donations, such as second-hand soccer shoes, balls and clothing, are a great way for our club to provide the Taiwanese kids with necessary tools to further their dreams.

We have previously taken trips to visit schools with less-developed soccer programs, and donated soccer equipment to them. We plan to continue these trips, but make them more personalized by collecting information on sizes and required gear for the students, so we can make the best use of the resources and funding we have. 

Most of the resources and attention on soccer in Taiwan are concentrated at the professional level. We aim to focus on the grassroots level and help Taiwan build a stronger foundation in the sport, providing future generations with a more structured system starting from an earlier age. 

Kids Playing Soccer
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